Am I really different?
Evelien van Dort

This is a very well-illustrated little book which uses a ladybird to tell a story about differences. This ladybird is teased by the other ladybirds because she only has one spot, and they have lots of spots! So, she sets out to discover whether or not she's really different from the others and discovers that no two ladybirds have exactly the same spot patterns. The storyline will help parents to gently encourage young children to think and talk about how they see themselves and others. For children who might feel worried that sometimes they don't fit in with everyone else, this is a positive and reassuring story that helps to address some of these worries by showing that everyone is different in their own special and unique way. The book also puts across the message that it's not nice to make fun of others, and you're likely to get egg on your face if you do!